Sundae creations ...Fun & Yummi

It's your sundae creation. Choices are what it's all about. Mix your combination of as many flavors and toppings as your heart desires. We offer tons of choices from fresh fruit to dry toppings like sprinkles, nuts and cereal. Then drizzle on your choice of syrups like marshmallow, caramel or hot fudge. You pay by weight..not by topping or flavor so you can have the perfect amount and mix of ingredients for you.

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Frozen Treats

Frozen Yogurt - Tastes yummi. A smart choice too. Our frozen yogurt is packed with lots of good for you ingredients like protein, calcium and one of the highest counts of beneficial live natural yogurt cultures. These cultures must be present in the intestinal tract of the human body to ensure proper balance needed for digestion and good health. Our yogurt meets and exceeds the requirements set forth by the National Yogurt Association and carries the Live & Active Cultures seal. Our frozen flavors are non-fat and /or lowfat. The majority of our frozen yogurt flavors are Kosher certified. We are under the local supervision of Va'ad Hakashruth of Delaware.

live and active cultures seal

By popular demand, we rotate traditional ice cream and gelato, sorbet and custard favorites in our line up including classic soft serve vanilla ice cream.

Nutritional information is available at the cashier.